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Head of the division – Natalya D. Golberg Sc.D. in Biology

Biochemical control in sport

Evaluation of metabolic response of an organism of sportsmen to training load allows to determine weak points of adaptation to muscular activity of diverse types, evaluate the level of development of aerobic and anaerobic performance and trace the tolerance of training load and the development of overtraining.

Nutrition in sportsmen

One of the activity focuses of the division of biochemistry of sport is research in the sphere nutrition in sportsmen. This area of sports biochemistry was developed by N. N. Yakovlev and A. A. Pokrovsky and received further development under the guidance of professor V. A. Rogozkin and A. I. Pshendin.
Using the results of its research, aimed at determination of sportsmen requirements in energy and nutrient materials taking into consideration peculiarities of various kinds of sports, the division has developed diets of various energy value and calculated optimal product lists, that provide the organism of a sportsman with all the necessary nutrients for various stages of athletic training depending on certain educational goals and the focus of trainings.

Фрагменты истории ФГБУ СПбНИИФК

В соответствии с Постановлением Президиума ЦИК СССР от 27 июля 1932 года на базе Государственного института физического образования (ГИФО) им. П.Ф. Лесгафта в январе 1933 года был создан Научный институт им. П.Ф. Лесгафта, впоследствии - Ленинградский научно-исследовательский институт физической культуры (ЛНИИФК).

Первоначально Институт располагался на проспекте Динамо дом 2 (с 1933 по 2008 г.)