Tel.: (812) 600-41-16

Head of the division Yaroslav V. Golub MD

Main research opportunities:

The main focus area of the scientific and research work of the division is a complex assessment of psycho-physical potential of sportsmen aimed at selection and estimation of success of their training and competing activity and study of their athletic reliability. To this end the division carries out enhanced study of cardiovascular system of people doing physical training and their bioenergetic peculiarities.
Main practical focus of the division:
  • Assessment of physical development;
  • Definition of structural and functional reserve of a sportsman’s organism psychological potential, physical and psychoemotional working capacity depending on the stages of one-year course of training or many years of training;
  • Assessment of physical qualities of a sportsman;
  • Estimation of functional readiness and competing reliability of a sportsman;
  • Evaluation of the level of fitness and overtraining of a sportsman;
  • Estimation of the success of training and competing activity of sportsmen, evaluation of training ability and sporting reliability.

Фрагменты истории ФГБУ СПбНИИФК

В соответствии с Постановлением Президиума ЦИК СССР от 27 июля 1932 года на базе Государственного института физического образования (ГИФО) им. П.Ф. Лесгафта в январе 1933 года был создан Научный институт им. П.Ф. Лесгафта, впоследствии - Ленинградский научно-исследовательский институт физической культуры (ЛНИИФК).

Первоначально Институт располагался на проспекте Динамо дом 2 (с 1933 по 2008 г.)