Tel.: (812) 600-41-16

Head o the laboratoty - Alexandra A. Banayan

The Laboratory of Psychology and Psychophysiology of Sports is a subdivision of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture and is a part of the Department of innovative technologies in sports.

Main activities

  • Pilot research of mental preparation in sports, in accordance with the requirements of modern domestic and international sports science.
  • The conducting research and development of new methods of psychological control and correction of psycho-emotional state of athletes at all stages of preparation and participation in important competitions.
  • The development of the selection and prediction method in the sports activities.
  • The development of psychological and psychophysiological model characteristics in various sports.
  • The provision of psychological preparation of Olympic, Paralympic and Surdolimpic Russian national teams.
  • Testing, diagnosis and assessment of psycho-physiological and psychological status of athletes.
  • Conducting mental training with biofeedback in stationary conditions and during on-site activities.



Фрагменты истории ФГБУ СПбНИИФК

В соответствии с Постановлением Президиума ЦИК СССР от 27 июля 1932 года на базе Государственного института физического образования (ГИФО) им. П.Ф. Лесгафта в январе 1933 года был создан Научный институт им. П.Ф. Лесгафта, впоследствии - Ленинградский научно-исследовательский институт физической культуры (ЛНИИФК).

Первоначально Институт располагался на проспекте Динамо дом 2 (с 1933 по 2008 г.)