The division of scientific and pedagogical staff training, retraining and advanced training

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By the order of the Federal Agency for Supervision in Education and Science the institute has been given a license to carry out educational work in postgraduate courses in the following disciplines:

- 06.06.01 Biological Sciences (the direction of the education in accordance with the specification of science course 03.01.04 – Biochemistry);
- 49.06.01 Physical Education and Sports (the direction of the education in accordance with the specification of the science course 13.00.04 - Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Sports Trainings, Health-Improving and Adaptive Physical Education).
Federal State Budget Institution ‘Saint-Petersburg Scientific-Research Institute For Physical Culture’ has been the leading organization in the system of relevant scientific institutions of physical education in the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation; the institute carries out fundamental training of educational personnel in the interests of the sphere and the state.
Currently the institute employs highly-qualified scientific and educational personnel, who are capable of carrying out effective staff training, scientific leadership of postgraduate students studying various aspects of sports science.
10 Grand EdD professors and 25 EdD associate professors, who are developing fundamental and applied scientific disciplines in improving physical education, sports trainings and health-improving and adaptive physical education, are currently working at the institute.
The leading scientists of the institute are members of various dissertation committees, regularly take part in defenses of EdD and Grand EdD theses as opponents, take active part in national and international conferences and symposia, publish their achievements in national and international magazines and have a well-deserved national and international recognition. All the professors and assistant professors have wide experience in the training of postgraduate students and applicants for an EdD degree. Under their supervision more than 50 EdD theses were defended.

The educational activity in the discipline 06.06.01 Biological Science (scientific discipline 03.01.04) includes applied biochemical research in sports:

  • discovery and evaluation of biochemical factors, limiting the level of sports achievements;
  • study of biochemical changes in the organism of a sportsman during the process of training and performing during a competition;
  • study of biochemical characteristics of regenerating processes after competitions and physical training;
  • establishing biochemical criteria, which are showing the effectiveness of the training process, and also the purposefulness of usage of special means, aimed at increase of working efficiency and acceleration of regenerating processes;
  • study of biochemical processes in the organization of sensible nutrition in periods of professional training and participation in competitions.
The educational activity in the discipline 49.06.01 Physical Education and Sports (scientific discipline 13.00.04) includes:
  • development of educational innovative and informational technologies in sport for children and young people and in high performance sport;
  • enhancement research and methodology provision and assistance in training sportsmen in Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic sport disciplines;
  • development of social-educational models of integration of the main and extra physical education;
  • development of the methods of preventive action against dope among sportsmen and drug-addiction among children, teenagers and young people;
  • development of solutions for problems of social adjustment of health-impaired people;
  • creation of individual programs of health-improving trainings for working population and older adults and forming a healthy way of life;
  • development of expert systems based on the monitoring of physical health and physical fitness of Russian population.
The institute has the necessary scientific and technical as well as informational and educational basis for teaching postgraduate students.
Federal State Budget Institution ‘Saint-Petersburg Scientific-Research Institute For Physical Culture’ has its own science library, possesses a computer database, including experimental data with the results of researches carried out at the institute and also installed computer programs allowing to carry out mathematical and statistical processing of the results of experimental researches.