Tel.: (812) 600-41-16 ext. 114

Head of the division is EdD Natalia B. Novikova

The main scientific work focus of the division is the development of modern technologies of managing the training of high trained sportsmen.
Before 2024 it is planned to carry out scientific research on the following topics: "Research and optimization of means and methods of technical training of young ski racers at the initial and training stages of long-term sports training", "Research, development and scientific substantiation of methods of general and special training of ski jumpers 12-14 years old at the training stage of training in accordance with modern trends of the sport".


Main methods are:
  • educational: the analysis of literature, sports diaries and competition score-sheets, as well as questionnaire surveys; video-analysis of movement technique biomechanics in sportsmen using Dartfish Pro Sute and VideoMotion StarTrace software; testing general fitness and special training; simulating conditions of training and competing activities of sportsmen;
  • psycho-physiological;
  • biomedical: a complex of methods using certain tools, which are carried out before and after physical trainings on in-patient basis and in the field;
  • methods of mathematical statistics.


The staff of the Division of Modern Technologies of Training for High Trained Athletes is actively collaborating with national cross-country skiing team (N. B. Novikova), national nordic combined and ski jumping  team G. G. Zakharov), and with Saint-Petersburg nordic combined and cross-country skiing teams (A.N. Belyova, G. G. Zakharov, I.G. Ivanova).
Over the past several years the division has been carrying out scientific and instructional work with Saint-Petersburg athletes. As a result of this scientific and instructional work the division provides their coaches with recommendations on personalization of training process.